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Our goal is simple: to provide a fully-equipped recording studio specifically designed to cater to the needs of artists and the creative process - a treasure chest of sonic possibilities at an affordable price.


We offer impressive quality in our room acoustics, instruments, microphones, and gear choices, far beyond the reaches of a typical home studio. Famous bits of gear include: AKG C12, Sony C800g, Neve, Chandler, Shadow Hills, and Martech preamps, and Prism ADA-8XR converters.


Our spacious live room boasts one of the finest recording pianos in Belgium and Europe, a Steinway D274 Concert Grand – in mint condition – as well as a tasteful selection of backline equipment, including a Fender Rhodes MK2, Hammond H112, handmade Lignum Drums, vintage Ludwig drums, Ampeg, as well as vintage synths. The repurposed hardwood floor and modular wall for variable acoustics underscore the studio’s uniqueness on the market.


Woodpecker's control room and its studio furniture have been designed and built from the ground up, along with the full-range monitoring system, to provide excellent stereo-image, depth and realism. We have a analog summing system by Chandler and Folcrom leaving all the automation in the box, making it easier to take your session home.


The studio facility together with our accommodation and luxurious residence space, rivals studios across Europe and beyond. With 130 sq meters of lounge and kitchen, including a pool table, conference table and a wood stove-heated chill area with a garden view, we aim to make your stay exceptionally comfortable.